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Enterprise Ride

Download Matlab Script Here :

(Requries the Symbolic Solver)

Matlab was used to check the accuracy of the SolidWorks Simulation model.  Using the geometry and dynamics of the system, force and moment calculations were developed to derive the various reaction forces.  The resulting plots from Matlab are consistent with the plots generated from the SolidWorks Simulation model.

Assembled Enterprise Video

Additionally, the dynamics of the rotating mass was taken into account by considering gyroscopic precession. By calculating the mass moment of inertia, the precession was applied as a torque in the beam bending equation.

SolidWorks Motion Analysis

Matlab Reaction Calculations

Members of the Drexel Theme Park Engineering and Design Group worked many hours to assemble the Enterprise model. Erected in just a few short days, the Enterprise was displayed at the University's activity fair in September. It was a huge success and the model received an incredible reception from students and faculty at the University.

A video of the assembled Enterprise is on the right.

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