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The Swerve Robotic Platform is a Senior Design project at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Swerve Robotic Platform is a three-wheeled, semi-autonomous mobile platform that is capable of accelerating a 300lb payload up to 1G in any direction.


My Contributions: Mechanical Design and Analysis, Finite Element Modeling


Many textbooks provide closed-form solutions for the deflection of a 1-Dimensional beam. Within MATLAB, the deflection equations under unit loading were derived using energy methods. Finally, using superposition the user is able to input multiple 3-Dimensioal vector point loads to determine the deflection at any location.


My Contributions: Equation Derivation, Code Creation, Finite Element Modeling


Light displays are a product found within the Themed Entertainment Industry that have been installed all around the world. However, many of them do not include interactive elements that give the user a unique experience every time. The Light Interactive Technology (LITe) aims to put a new spin on typical light displays.


My Contributions: 3D Models, Single Prototype Fabrication

SpaceX sponsored a competition for students to design the Hyperloop pod system.

The Drexel University team consists of ~70 students.


My Contributions: 3D Models, SolidWorks Library, Calculations, Subsystem FMEAs


HUSS Amusement Rides began manufacturing Enterprise rides in the 1970's.

The purpose of the project was to design and fabricate a scale amusement ride that could be built within a small budget.  Utilizing specific parts as well as those purchasable from manufacturers, the amusement ride was created.


My Contributions: Assembly, 3D Models, Force, Dynamic, and Stress Analysis


For decades, animatronics have played a major role in Themed Entertainment.

Through the Drexel Theme Park Engineering Design Group, this project has provided hands on, industry related experience for club members.  Members meet weekly with mechanical and electrical teams to develop systems, mounts, and mechanics.


My Contributions: 3D Models, Mechanical Design, Fabrication


Developed by EnTCo, one of their motion platforms was donated to Drexel University.

In 2015, the senior design team was tasked with designing a modular deck system that would allow future modifications regarding function and use.  The existing system was analyzed using accelerometer testing.


My contributions: 3D Models, Accelerometer Setup & Testing

Drexel Ride
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