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Steampunk Workshop

Inspired heavily by the Steampunk genre, this ere scene depicts an old workshop that is well past its prime. As guests travel through this room, images of invention and innovation are juxtaposed with wear and breakage. There are old schematics on the walls, though the loose wires and broken utilities draw the attention that an accident had occurred here. Guests will find out the truth only by traveling deeper into the factory adjacent to the workshop.

Created in Google Sketchup, the goal was to create an immersive environment with fine detail.

Batman - Long Halloween

You find yourself in the sewers beneath Wayne Manor snaking your way around bends before joining Batman in his Batmobile. As you peel out of the sewers, the chase is on around Gotham City to find the Riddler, Solomon Grundy, and the Joker in this epic ride inspired by Batman the Long Halloween. (Video in Bottom-Right Corner)

Created in Google Sketchup, this was a project to creatively tell the story of Batman the Long Halloween.

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